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A Rebels Stone
Patrick McHugh

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Keeper of the Black StonesProfessional Reviewers rave about

McHugh has written a rollicking, action-packed adventure story. The story is so entertaining… Give this to fans of action, adventure, and historical fiction.

- Amy Fiske, Voya

Nerdy, messy-haired, and intelligent, Jason Evans is the grandson of a physicist. Life seems pretty normal for the 14-year-old and his equally geeky, smart-aleck friend Paul, until the day Jason discovers his grandfather's journal. What he reads makes him question the old man's sanity, but as strange things begin happening, Jason is convinced that Doc's exploits are real. He has traveled back through time to 1485, where he is the Earl of Oxford, an advisor to Henry Tudor in his battle with King Richard III for England's throne. Doc's efforts are being thwarted by Lord Dresden, who is really Doc's modern-day foil Nicholas Fleming, a man with a maniacal plan to change history and take over the world. Unable to stop Doc before he jumps once again, Jason, Paul, and a tough-as-nails bodyguard hired to protect the family plan their own journey back in time to help him. Things get even more complicated when Nicholas's teenage daughter insists on tagging along. McHugh does a good job creating a sense of time and place in both centuries, presenting vivid historical details as well as believable present-day bantering.

- Wendy M. Scalfaro, School Library Journal

Historical fantasy makes learning a treat in P.T. McHugh's Keeper of the Black Stones. Science geek Jason learns that his grandfather discovered a set of stones that enable time travel. Wouldn't you know, his colleague's son jumped back in time and decided to alter the course of history, potentially bringing on the end of the world. Jason and his best friend need to travel back to the Middle Ages, re-fight the War of the Roses, save his grandfather and, oh yeah, all of humanity. After that, finals should be a breeze. The action here is charged, and Jason is a likable, funny hero. “Last week I was worried about my Physics midterm. Now I've got a body guard,” he muses. The book has a wicked twist at the end that you'll wish you saw coming; it turns out to be a teaser for the second volume in this planned series.

Literature, history, and science are whipped into the mix here, and can inspire a lot of outside reading. There's a historical note at the end of the book to help readers make sense of which parts of the story are based in fact. It's clear McHugh researched the history well; the battle scenes and villages feel real, despite looking like a misplaced Renaissance Fair to Jason and his friends.

- ForeWord Reviews

“Keeper is a bright beginning to a promising series.”

– ForeWord Reviews

“Could not put this book down. Pick [it] up today...You won’t regret it.”

- Me, Myshelf and I Reviews

(Read the full review here)

“An exhilarating tale...an action-packed adventure...Won’t [give] away the ending, but THE ENDING! Book two, where are you?!”

– The Sister’s Tale Reviews

(Read the full review here)

"McHugh has given us a thrilling combination of fantasy and historical fiction … Jason’s spirited voice – snarky at times and thoughtful at others – is clever, courageous, and wonderfully nerdy. He’s the kind of tenacious underdog we all like to root for.”

– M. Fan, author of Flynn Nightsider, review blogger for Zigzag Timeline

And see what readers are saying about KEEPER...

"Keeper will get under your skin. You’ll be begging for a second book!"

– Evie Aeron, professional mercenary, author and screenwriter of the SwatGirl trilogy

"Gripped my e-reader so hard it popped. Keeper gave me everything I wanted, then left me hoping for more.”

– Linda Foster, author of Bound

"Keeper of the Black Stones...made me want to keep reading, and read on even after I was finished. The writing...makes you part of the book...entrapped in this amazing story. The characters and personalities...only make the story better"

- Tyler Stilley, teenage reader

“This book is Johnny Quest on a sugar rush! Adults will love the feel, kids will love the adventure. Hero’s quest galore!!”

- Reader Review

“Love the characters. Love the action. Love the suspense. Can’t get enough of Tatiana! Very excited fo the next installment - when does it come out?”

- Reader Review

“I’ve never worked with medieval armies, so this was a whole new world for me. Patrick’s descriptions and great world-building make me think I should look into it. Kudos!”

- Quay Terry, Hollywood Military Consultant, Discovery Channel producer

“Watch out for PT McHugh - evil games are afoot in this book, and they involve jumping through time, fighting historical bad guys, and saving the world! This is my favourite kind of hero - the one who doesn’t want to do it, but is the only man for the job. Go team Jason!”

- Reader Review

Ever wondered what it's like to live in the past? Or why Patrick named his dog Bob?

Our favourite questions will be published in the next installment of the Stone Ends series, in a special Q&A segment.

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