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StoryTime Release
August 5, 2014

Reis Slayton thought he'd found his purpose in life,
and someone to care for. In the end, though,
can he really run away from the man he once was,
and the enemies he's made?

Broken Stone
Patrick McHugh

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August 5, 2014

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Keeper of the Black Stones

I've gone by many names, but it has always been me. I met Anne Frank before she wrote her diary. I consulted with Churchill on political doctrine. I crossed the Potomac with Washington. And I even polished Napoleon's shoes, once, though it's not a story I like to tell. I realize that these boasts won't be taken seriously, but I must remind you that at one time the earth was flat, the atom was unbreakable. And the thought of reaching the moon was just as ridiculous as time travel.

I know, because I was there.

My name is Jason Evans, I'm ten days shy of my fifteenth birthday, and this is my story...

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